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Научный журнал Российского НИИ проблем мелиорации Naucnyj zurnal Rossijskogo NII problem melioracii
ISSN 2222-1816

Научный журнал

Российского НИИ проблем мелиорации
Сетевое издание

Current research

The Journal aims to create conditions for rapid consideration, high-quality scientific expertise and preparation of previously unpublished scientific articles for publication.  

The mission of the Journal  is the comprehensive assistance in dealing with land reclamation problems by publishing original research articles which significantly contribute to the advancement of knowledge and improvement of understanding the current problems of the meliorative sector of agro-industrial complex

The scientific Journal publishes original scientific articles on the results of research on agriculture, land reclamation, agricultural mechanization, agricultural physics,  agricultural chemistry, agricultural economics.

The objective of the Journal is to promote scientific knowledge exchange of Russian and foreign scientists and to inform specialists and public on scientific and practical results of scientific research.

The target audience of the Journal comprises researchers, faculty, postgraduate and undergraduate students, policy-makers, businessmen, expert community, and others who are interested in land reclamation problems

The publication of articles in our Journal gives the authors the opportunity to integrate the obtained research results into the international scientific and information space.

Date of issue 16.02.2021
  • Publications in issue: 17
  • 16.02.2021